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Dave Bauer has worked in IT since 1999. He worked his way up to Director in the corporate world and now works strictly as an IT consultant. Familiar with IT systems in both large and small environments and having worked with company leaders, he understands the technology needs from the perspective of all stakeholders, whether they be business owners or end-users. Regardless of whether the business is small or large, there are three main stakeholder types in each organization. Of course, in some organizations, one person may wear two or even all of these hats.

There is the end-user who is concerned about functionality and ease of use, the person in charge of operations whose concern is efficiency and productivity, and, last but not least, is the person in charge of finances who is concerned with return on investment.

Dave considers and balances the needs of each stakeholder type when evaluating an organization’s technology and infrastructure. In his free initial consultation, he will assess the condition and suitability of the hardware and software currently in use. He can even help you assess your recurring technology expenses such as phone or internet bills and services, managed services, software subscriptions, hardware maintenance plans, etc. This is a very valuable exercise for all businesses and should be done regularly to make sure that your organization is making the best use of technology from the perspective of all three stakeholder types.

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Giving Back

10% of net revenue goes to Dave’s philanthropy with his non-profit, Lightforce One.

He started Lightforce One after having personally funded a well and irrigation system for an orphanage in Africa. This orphanage had about 500 primary-school aged children, expected to grow to 700, and there was also a women’s empowerment group with almost 200 women.

When Dave sent money to get started on the well, he asked for pictures of the progress. Within a few days he had pictures of two men digging a hole in the ground with a shovel and a pick-axe. Within about a week, he had a picture of a 40 foot hole with water in the bottom. It was at that moment when Dave knew that the world was now a better place for his having been here. There are no words to adequately describe that feeling. He formed Lightforce One for two reasons. First, he wanted to do more work that the 10% of his income that he had dedicated to this would be able to do. Secondly, he wanted others to be able to experience that feeling that he experienced when he saw that 40 foot hole.

The mission of Lightforce One is to uplift and empower the underprivileged and marginalized of the world.

This is his passion and purpose in life.

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